dan and phil, halloween 2009


hi!!!1! welcome to my archive of "lost/rare" dnp videos :D

i've been watching dnp since 2016, and since early 2019 i've loved messing around on the wayback machine; it started because i was curious to see how their channels have changed through the years, but after a while i realised there were also some videos that happened to have been archived along with the web pages.

it wasn't until may 2020 that i found neocities & i decided to organize my mess of bookmarked pages & randomly saved videos into a cute comprehensive site!!! :D i mean what better thing to do with my time over lockdown than teach myself html lolll

DISCLAIMER!!!! there are certain videos i will never include on this archive, those being videos they've made clear they don't want on the internet in any way. the videos i do have on this archive have been deleted/unlisted for various reasons; some being, they were collabs made with people who have since turned out problematic, or that they expressed outdated views or had offensive jokes. some videos were removed simply bc they thought they were cringy, or just not the type of videos they want to show new potential viewers since it doesn't match with the content they are currently making.

if you feel that there are videos i should remove from the archive, you can dm me on twitter to let me know. the only videos i likely won't consider removing are those that have been reuploaded to youtube - as most of them have been up for years with no repercussions.

note: i'm constantly updating this website :-) if pages feel incomplete that's because im still working on them !! check back every so often for improvements ^__^

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☆ update log ☆

⋆ 6 Sept 2022 - finished adding comment boxes to dan's videos!!

⋆ 27 Aug 2022 - began adding comment secions to video player pages!!!! :D :D :D so cool i cant believe i hadnt thought of it till today

⋆ 23 Aug 2022 - added videos to philvideos .. my goallll is to get as many vids off the 'videos not found' list as possible ☆

⋆ 22 Aug 2022 - edited scrollbar !? also updated 'videos not found' list

⋆ 15 Aug 2022 - edited homepage layout

⋆ 14 Aug 2022 - added a few videos to danvideos (neglected to update the text-based version of the page). also added an update log ^_^!!