dan and phil, halloween 2009

hi!!!1! welcome to my archive of "lost/rare" dnp videos :D

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i've been watching dnp since 2016, and since early 2019 i've loved messing around on the wayback machine; it started because i was curious to see how their channels have changed through the years, but after a while i realised there were also some videos that happened to have gotten archived even though they were now deleted or set to private.

it wasn't until may 2020 that i found neocities & i decided to organize my mess of bookmarked pages & randomly saved videos into a cute comprehensive site!!! :D i mean what better thing to do with my time over lockdown than teach myself html lolll

i basically have 2 different versions of each page; the first being my first attempts at working with html, with a very basic layout and stuff. but the background is very simple, so if you have trouble with flashing colors i'd recommend you check out those pages !! the second versions of the pages have colorful flashing backgrounds - i don't find them overwhelming or anything but i don't have an issue with eyestrain/flashes so i just wanted to put a warning!!!

DISCLAIMER!!!! i do not nor do i want to have access to the vd*y vid, and i will never include videos like that, which they've explicitly stated they don't want shared. some of these videos have been deleted or unlisted because they were collabs with someone who turned out to be a bad person (like alex day), or because they contained jokes which are offensive and can be harmful to the millions of viewers they now have, or simply because they thought it was cringy and/or not the best representation of their current content to potential new viewers. if you find any videos which you feel i should remove from the archive, please dm me on twitter with your reasoning & i will more likely than not do so. (although i won't be removing any videos that are publicly available on youtube through a reupload, as most of them have been up for years with no repercussions)


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note: i'm constantly updating this website :-) if pages feel incomplete that's because im still working on them !! check back every so often for improvements ^__^

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