TRIGGER WARNING: A woman sexually harrasses the man in the costume at 2:02 until 2:10

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Hey guys :] so giffgaff, 'the first people powered mobile network' , has created something called' Tool hire'. Go to to hire the cuddle monster and many others. Shoot a video, post it online and get yourself free calls and texts for a year and the chance to win £5,000.


hey everyone :]

I found this place where you can hire gimps ^

so I thought it would make for funny video and I embarked upon an an epic adventure :D

and I didn't get stabbed!!! ..yaaaayy

hope you guys think it's funny :]

but SORRRYYY I didn't upload a vid last week!

this one took a while and I've been super busy and blahblah

It won't happen again.

hope you guys are all doing well x


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Heloo :]

my name's Dan.

New videos coming soon!!

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I make video's to keep me sane,

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My goal is to spread some happiness and thought onto the toast of your day :)

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